Choreography: Andreja Široki
Performance: Maja Marjančić, Andreja Široki
Dramaturgy: Saša Božić
Sound: Damir Šimunović
Music choice: Saša Božić
Costumes: Ana Biondić
Date: April 29 – 30, 2008
Performed at Glyptotheque of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Gallery II
Visuals: here



Andreja Široki is dancer and author, graduated from State School for Contemporary Dance “Ana Maletić” in Zagreb, at State School for Music – piano section, and has also studied geography at the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb. Wide range contemporary performer, member also of the Zagreb Dance Company, featuring in numerous contemporary dance works of Zagreb’s choreographers (Snježana Abramović-Milković, Katja Šimunić, Ksenija Zec, Irma Omerzo, Jasminka Neufeld Imrović, Desanka Virant and others) but also of international ones (Bebeto Cidra, Emilio Gutierrez, Alexis Eupierre, Martine Pisani and others) disposes in the meantime over 10 years of intensive contemporary dance and theatre practice. She is regular collaborator of Sodaberg and also develops choreographic work (My 5 Minutes of Fame, author of an installation In Search of a Lost Time in the project Temporary Museum of dance remembrance – part 1) whereby the recent one Cartography, performed in Gliptoteka HAZU, marks the beginning of a new research cycle on the issues of body mapping within the bodies resistances.